How to deal with the surface of Fiberglass imitation bronze sculpture? Here are some important steps for the production of Fiberglass imitation bronze sculptures.

1, the background-color

If you want to make a copper-like effect, it is very important to finish the bottom of the Fiberglass sculpture. You need to configure the color paste to paint. To make imitation copper color, you need to first apply the main color of copper, that is, the background color, such as red copper, use dark red or brown pigment to brush the base color. It is recommended that the color should not be too bright, and the color should not be adjusted. This will not look rigid. The brass is also made of yellow-brown pigment, and the change of bronze is more. It can be made of black or blue and black and green as needed.

How to create a glass-steel imitation bronze sculpture effect on Fiberglass sculpture

How to create a glass-steel imitation bronze sculpture effect on Fiberglass sculpture

2, do copper rust

The color of the copper rust is mostly pinkish green or light blue, and the relationship between the cold and the warm can be adjusted according to the background color. The copper rust is mostly generated at the location, and the small pen color can be used at the concave point. It is also possible to deposit the adjusted color on the statue with the ground color, and then wipe the copper rust color at the high point with a cloth. The effect is very natural, and it is also a step in refreshing and finishing the copper effect.

3, point highlights

After blending the gold powder with wax or varnish, gently brush the color over the high point with a large pen, but sweep it too much and too loose to avoid flowering.

4, the upper protection color

In order to protect the color film, it is necessary to spray a protective layer. The protective layer is divided into high light and matt. The high light can be brushed with a varnish. If it is matt, it can be polished with a layer of car wax or floor wax.

5, natural paint

If you have gold and bronze self-painting, you can spray it directly into brass, or you can spray a thin layer on the red or cyan background and apply a protective color.

During the production of Fiberglass imitation bronze sculpture, please pay attention to the actual effect of the sculpture, pay attention to the above points to color, so that the Fiberglass imitation bronze sculpture will be closer to the cast bronze sculpture, more natural!