Many people think that stainless steel sculptures are calculated by square meters, but in fact, the price of stainless steel sculptures needs to be considered from many aspects, and the stainless steel sculptures you have consulted are calculated by square meters as a comprehensive algorithm of some sculpture factories, and will not tell you the detailed price.

Most stainless steel sculptures are forged (the proportion of stainless steel is 8 tons per cubic meter and the wall thickness is 1.5-10 mm). The prices of different specifications are very different.

How much is the stainless steel sculpture in square meters

How much is the stainless steel sculpture in square meters

Cost of stainless steel sculpture design:
The early design of stainless steel sculpture requires the participation of professional sculpture designers, including graphic design, small draft production, and other links.

Stainless steel sculpture internal structure price composition details:
1. Fabrication of the skeleton in the sculpture.

2. The design cost of the main bracket.

3. The shape and size of the main sculpture frame.

4. The form of the main support.

5. Sub-bracket design costs.