Price of raw materials for Fiberglass cattle sculpture:

1. Due to the particularity of Fiberglass industry, its raw materials, technology, batch number, weather resistance and other comprehensive factors, resulting in its price difference is also very large. Generally, the price of Fiberglass is hundreds of yuan a ton, or thousands of yuan a ton, and the price of the instrument with precise technology may be more expensive.

How much is the Fiberglass ox sculpture

How much is the Fiberglass ox sculpture

2. If there is only fiberglass and fiber, the conservative price is 35 yuan / kg, and the market price of 3301 is 18 yuan / kg. In terms of dosage, it should be calculated by weight percentage. Short cut felt is calculated as 65% – 70% glue content.

Price of cattle modeling:

The shapes of cattle sculptures vary greatly from the design cost in the early stage to the production cost in the later stage. For example, the price of abstract form or concrete form will vary greatly.

Whether or not to produce a cow sculpture in batch or separately, each link can not be omitted, and the price is relatively higher.