When it comes to the cost of fiberglass cartoon sculpture, first of all, we need to know what the technological process of fiberglass sculpture is. The overall production process of fiberglass is successively the design and molding, fiberglass manufacturing, mold manufacturing, molding manufacturing, surface effect treatment and other processes. Each process will generate corresponding costs.

Design and mold cost:

The cost of sculpture design stage is not easy to estimate. Generally, large Fiberglass sculptures are roughly calculated according to 5% – 15% of the total cost of sculpture. Small Fiberglass sculptures need to be comprehensively calculated according to specific needs, design difficulties, design workload, etc.

The cost of molding depends on the way you shape it. For example, the cost of foam molding is low, but the cost of 3D printing is high.

In addition, the design has to be a completely independent design of the cartoon sculpture image, and another design cost is to buy the cartoon image copyright of others.

How much is fiberglass cartoon sculpture

How much is fiberglass cartoon sculpture

Fiberglass manufacturing cost:

The cost of Fiberglass sculpture also depends on different grades of Fiberglass materials. At present, 192 resin raw materials are mostly used in the sculpture market, and 123 epoxy resin raw materials imported from Japan are used in boqian sculpture factory. The cost of Fiberglass raw materials will be higher, but the durability is higher, and the follow-up process will be more smooth.

Mold production cost:

Mold production cost is the most important part in the production of Fiberglass sculpture. If you only make one Fiberglass sculpture, the overall cost is no different from the price of cast copper material. If you make a large number of copies according to the same mold, the more the number of copies, the lower the cost.

Surface effect cost:

The final step of the cost of Fiberglass sculpture is the surface effect. You need to choose different surface treatment methods according to your final requirements, such as copper imitation effect is relatively cheap, paint baking process is relatively high, nano electroplating and other prices will be higher.

Although the cost of Fiberglass sculpture is low, the quality and durability of sculpture will be seriously affected by any link of Jerry building, so when you choose Fiberglass sculpture, you need to check the quality of every link in addition to the cost of Fiberglass sculpture.

Generally speaking, the cost of a fiberglass cartoon sculpture mainly includes the design or copyright cost of the cartoon IP image, and the cost of the processing and production of the fiberglass sculpture generally depends on the quantity. If the quantity reaches a certain amount, the cheaper the price is. If a fiberglass cartoon sculpture is made independently, the above technologies cannot be reduced, which also leads to the overall price is more expensive Generally, the price of a 2-meter-long fiberglass cartoon sculpture varies from 20000 to 50000.

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