The life of Fiberglass sculpture depends on professional technology and material, as well as the later maintenance, as well as the layout environment. Next, we will talk about the life of Fiberglass sculpture from every link.

Material and Technology of Fiberglass Statue Sculpture

Most Fiberglass sculptures are made of 192 epoxy resin. Compared with 123 epoxy resin, the water resistance and corrosion resistance of Fiberglass sculptures are worse. The life of inferior Fiberglass sculptures is very short, and even can not be placed outdoors.

123 epoxy resin:

HS-123W (N) is a winter type, suitable for November-February (below 15 C).

HS-123M (N) is Spring-Autumn type, suitable for March-May, September-October (15-25 C).

HS-123S (N) is a summer type, suitable for June-August (above 25 C).

HS-123W, HS-123M, and HS-123S contain wax and have air-drying property.

HS-123WN, HS-123MN, and HS-123SN are non-air-dry and wax-free.

192 epoxy resin:

HR-192 is a moderately reactive o-phenyl unsaturated polyester resin, in which HS-192 contains wax and HS-192N does not contain wax. The resin has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and good wettability to glass fibers. It is suitable for the filament winding (sand-entraining) pipe structure layer.

How long is the life of Fiberglass Statue sculpture

How long is the life of Fiberglass Statue sculpture

Common Problems of Life of Low-Quality Fiberglass Statue Sculpture

The life of Fiberglass sculpture, if using inferior resin material, will seriously affect the overall sculpture effect, follow-up processes will also collapse.

Serious pouring: The use of inferior resin raw materials, resulting in large deviation in the overall life of Fiberglass sculpture, blurred details and other serious problems.

Poor curing: The use of inferior resin raw materials, curing too slowly, leading to large glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture glass cloth can not be smoothly adhered to, affecting the overall life of Fiberglass sculpture and forming effect.

Too many bubbles: the use of inferior fiberglass cloth, accelerators, curing agents, improper operation, rough process, etc., resulting in excessive surface bubbles of Fiberglass sculpture, flatness is not enough, affecting the overall life and effect of Fiberglass sculpture and later painting process.

Fiberglass Statue sculpture

Fiberglass Statue sculpture

Insufficient hardness: using inferior resin raw materials, inferior fiberglass cloth, workshop environment not up to the standard (temperature, humidity, etc.), improper process operation, resulting in insufficient durability and toughness of Fiberglass sculpture in the later stage, especially when placed outdoors, it will quickly aging and damage.

Serious Deformation: Rough die making process, improper molding method and poor quality raw materials lead to local shrinkage and serious deformation of Fiberglass sculpture.

Life and Maintenance of Fiberglass Statue Sculpture

The life of Fiberglass sculpture is closely related to the later maintenance. If it is maintained regularly, even if it is placed outdoors, the life of Fiberglass sculpture will be longer.

The manufacturing process of Fiberglass: Before the finished product is made, the products to be made are molded with specific mud material to produce the corresponding products. After the mud-plastic manuscript is made, the gypsum exterior mold is remade, and then the Fiberglass is painted inside the exterior mould. After drying, the exterior die is opened and the finished Fiberglass sculpture product is obtained through the procedure of closing the die. However, Fiberglass sculpture in the outdoor after the sun exposure and wind erosion, generally more than five years began to deform, fragile and crackable shortcomings.

Fiberglass Statue

Fiberglass Statue

Cleaning work is an important preparatory work for Fiberglass sculpture. Fiberglass products are to a large extent a kind of crafts that need to be sculpted. Whether the products are beautiful and the appearance quality is good or not is closely related to cleaning work.

1. Clean environment: The construction site should be cleaned daily. Waste resins and objects are treated in time; flying dust and debris in production are adhering to wet resins, which will affect the quality of products.

Fiberglass Statue products

Fiberglass Statue products

2. Mold cleaning: Mould surface must be cleaned before use and rinsed repeatedly with detergent and clean water (avoid using acetone and other detergents that can dissolve resin), so as to achieve mirror effect of Fiberglass, all dust, particles and oil marks on the surface of the mold are all.

It should be removed.

3. Tool cleaning: Production tools should be cleaned by special personnel, which is beneficial to operation and avoids one cause. There are resin caking, easily falling particles, mud, and dust on the fittings, which will affect the quality of Fiberglass in production.

Life and Placing Environment of Fiberglass Statue Sculpture

The life of Fiberglass statue sculpture and the requirement of the setting the environment are very large. When it is often placed outdoors, just pay attention to sun exposure. When it is exposed to the sun, spray some water on the surface appropriately, so that the surface temperature should not be too high. If the temperature is too high, the surface paint can easily appear empty drum phenomenon, which eventually leads to cracking. Landscape sculptures placed outdoors are designed to prevent long-term dampness, which accelerates the decay rate of the sculpture itself. When the ground is wet, we can add a base under the ground to prevent the sculpture from touching the ground directly and reduce the growth of water vapor. It is also not appropriate to move frequently. Long-term humidity will make the sculpture body soft, and then move frequently will lead to bodyweight balance and easy to deform.

Fiberglass sculpture is also a kind of sculpture. Other sculptures include stone sculpture, wood sculpture, copper sculpture, sand sculpture and so on. It is understood that all kinds of things are suitable for the use of Fiberglass sculpture manufacturing, but Fiberglass sculpture due to its own lack of material, generally placed outdoors, after 35 years will fade, affecting the aesthetic. Therefore, the use of Fiberglass sculptures, generally based on their placement environment or the planned length of time to be placed. If you plan to put it outdoors for a long time, the stone is generally recommended; if you just put it for a while, the price of Fiberglass sculpture is relatively low, which is a good choice.