First, planning and molding

According to the customer’s sculpture plan style or the style of the sculpture production company to stop the production according to the customer’s request, the accidental Fiberglass sculpture needs to be coated with the surface of the gel coat because the gel coat has self-leveling and the surface tension is cured. Under the influence, the gel coat layer has a certain leveling effect, and in this state, it is inappropriate to represent a fine texture. These should be given consideration when planning.

The original mold of the Fiberglass sculpture can be molded with mud, and the general mold is realized by professional staff. After the realization of the sculpture task, through the natural monotony, after a certain intensity, the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture mold can be finished.

How is the Fiberglass imitation bronze sculpture made

How is the Fiberglass imitation bronze sculpture made

Second, the mold is turned

In general, gypsum is used as a mold. If two parts are required in a special case, a silicone mold can be used, and the silica gel can reach the production of dozens of products. Mold making ensures that the sculptor’s lessons are rich, and the products that come out are more complete.

Third, product production

Firstly, the plaster mold is cleaned and waxed. Generally, the diesel oil is combined with the floor wax. The product of the mold is better, cleaner, and better. The general rule of the first time the glass fiber reinforced plastic is too thick, thin, thin. Only after waiting for about 20 minutes to dry, then thicken a little Fiberglass to stop the second brush, the second grade will be able to stop the glass fiber, and then put the steel pipe firmly on the opposite side, with glass fiber firmly fulcrum.

Fourth, color disposal

Take copper color treatment, some use baking varnish, gold lacquer, gold foil, and think about it. Keep in mind the displacement effect between the alkyd and nitrocellulose paint. The propylene application is more common. The color should not be too thick, otherwise, it will be easy to layer up.

Fifth, the device

The general device adopts the shrinking screw, the user hammers the hole, and the shrink bolt is chiseled out, and how many points are firmed to ensure the device is tough.