The design of the hotel’s stainless steel sculpture should be based on the guidelines of the feasibility report and positioning report and the requirements of the owner to form a planning plan and the design plan of the sculpture itself.

The conceptual plan of each sculpture strictly meets the relevant laws and regulations, meets the specific business needs of the hotel reasonably and economically, fully reflects the hotel’s positioning concept, and integrates the hotel’s personality and the surrounding environment organically.

It must be recognized that the shape and function of the hotel during its operation cannot be changed, and the planning and design are important factors affecting the value of the hotel. That is to say, the sculpture must be completely matched with the theme, environment, and style of the hotel.

Hotel stainless steel sculpture design

Hotel stainless steel sculpture design

Therefore, general sculpture design companies have built a multi-disciplinary hotel stainless steel sculpture concept planning and design consultant team with international perspectives, rich project experience, and multi-disciplinary design, to fully coordinate the need relationship between the hotel and sculpture design, and to plan the planned project in a forward-looking manner. Conceptual planning scheme.

At the same time, with the continuous improvement of architectural creativity, the combination of sculpture and architecture has become more and more. As a result, some buildings are also sculptures, and some sculptures are buildings.

Hotel sculpture design is science and art. The development of Chinese hotel sculpture design is relatively late, and it requires talents who understand both hotel and sculpture design.

At present, a large number of emerging designers in our company have made good use of modern elements to improve Chinese hotel design to multiple levels of international and modern art.

As a hotel in China, we have to integrate a large amount of contemporary art and Chinese elements into the sculptures, which has developed rapidly.

Hotel sculpture design is a noble art combining science and culture. Excellent designers can give architecture space soul and life through the combination of science and art. Like artists, they guide and improve people’s awareness and pursuit of beauty.