The copper-fiber glass steel lion sculpture uses the effect of copper-imitating surface.

The paints used to imitate the surface effect of the copper glass steel lion sculpture include paints, oil paints, acrylic paints, water paints, and watercolor paints. They are also equipped with metal powders such as glue, copper powder, and silver powder.

Glass Steel Lion Sculpture Surface Effect

Glass Steel Lion Sculpture Surface Effect

1. Make the background color:

In the last step of making copper-fibreglass reinforced plastic lion sculpture, you need to configure color paste for the most important step of coloring. To make copper-like color, you need to apply the main color of copper first, that is, the background color, such as red copper, using dark red or brown. Paint the base color of the paint. The color should not be too bright, and it is best to use multi-color. When blending, do not mix too uniformly, so that it will not look rigid. And brass also uses yellow-brown pigments as the background color. Bronze has more variations. Black, blue, and black-green colors can be used as the background color as required.

2. Make patina

The color of patina is mostly pink green or light blue. The cooling and heating relationship can be adjusted according to the background color. Most of the rust is generated at the place. You can use a small pen to color the dents. You can also apply the adjusted color to the statue with a background color, and then use a cloth to wipe the rust from the high points. The effect is very natural, and it is also the most refreshing and finishing touch of the imitation copper effect.
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