There are many types of FRP sculptures. It can be said that any type of sculpture can meet the requirements of FRP materials, and it is very easy to color FRP sculptures.

City sculpture: As long as there is a detailed design drawing of the sculpture of the city square, the finished city sculpture can be made of FRP material.

Campus sculpture: FRP material can also be used in the design and production of many campus cultural sculptures, and the price is low.

FRP sculpture types

FRP sculpture types

Character sculpture: In addition to the use of fiberglass materials in celebrity portrait sculpture creation, it can also be used in full-body character sculpture and portrait sculpture in any scene. You can achieve any desired effect in coloring, such as imitation copper, imitation stone, etc.

In addition to the above categories, it also includes customization and production of cartoon character sculptures, sculpture design of garden landscape sketches, production of modern sculpture art, design and production of white marble reliefs, etc.

Because of its unique performance advantages, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials have been used in aerospace, railway, decorative construction, home furniture, advertising display, craft gifts, building materials, sanitary, yacht mooring, sports materials, sanitation engineering, etc. It is widely used in the industry and has been well received. It has become the darling of the needs of new era businessmen in the material industry.

FRP sculpture is also different from traditional materials, and it is much better than traditional products in terms of performance, use and life. Its easy-to-shape, customizable, and freely adjustable colors are favored by merchants and sellers, occupying an increasing market share, and have bright prospects.