The Fiberglass white bear sculpture is made of 123 epoxy resin combined with imported non-woven fabric, and after 5 times of primer and repair, it is better than many Fiberglass sculptures and the later maintenance.

Add cobalt water to the resin and stir slowly, add talc powder, the ratio is half of the resin and talc powder, only a few bottles of cobalt water are enough, then add 2 bottles of curing agent, stir well, the resin can be a little more in the first pass, It ’s best to dilute it, brush it in the mold, wait for 80% to dry, brush it a second time, add more talcum powder, thicker, brush it up, and then paste the cut piece of fiberglass cloth to each position. Paste it, and then apply it with resin without talc powder (cobalt water and curing agent are added), wait for 70% to dry, cut off the excess glass fiber outside the clamping line, and cut it dry before cutting. Already.

Fiberglass White Bear Sculpture Material Introduction

Fiberglass White Bear Sculpture Material Introduction

Then apply a thick layer of resin on the mold clamping line, close the mold, wait to dry, then open the mold, take out the Fiberglass, and finish. Take the Fiberglass out, repair the mold line, wash the surface with caustic soda water, and polish it with water. If you want to retain the texture, you don’t need to polish it. Spray a layer of white epoxy primer. Put small holes on the surface to make up with putty. Then sand, the surface needs to be rough or not.

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