Fiberglass Statues Project in Netherland


We are specialized in life-size fiberglass statues and bigger-than-life figurines of all sorts. We produce hand-made decorations, mainly produced fiberglass statues.

superheroes-statuesFiberglass is an ideal material for large sculptures because it is light enough that people can move statues made from it without the help of a crane. Fiberglass statues also cost considerably less to ship than concrete statues. Of course, fiberglass is also very strong.


We ship our products all over the world, with Europe and the U.S.A. being our biggest markets. But we also ship to Australia, Asia, South America, North America, and Africa.

Our whole collection of products and fiberglass statues is around 3500 different items. Every day we are working hard, to create new items for our customers with perfect details.


Take this project as an example:

This is the project for our Netherland client, we produced 42 hero statues for him, such as Hulkbuster, Ironman, Hulk, Superman, Orgrim, Stormtrooper, Transformers, Captain American, Shrek, Batman, Spiderman…and so on.


Our clients were very satisfied with our products, they placed them in their plaza and take the feedback picture for some of the products to us.

We take pride in our quality of detail and the finishing of our designs. We also design and manufacture special models upon request of our customers. So if you have an idea, we can design it and manufacture it for your wish.

Contact us if you are interested in it.