Fiberglass statue Robot Sculpture Technology Fiberglass Robot Sculpture uses high-quality resin raw materials, with fine professional production process, in order to ensure the quality and artistic effect of fiberglass Robot Sculpture. If the use of inferior materials, unprofessional technology, it will have a great impact on large-scale fiberglass sculpture vegetables.

Fiberglass statue Robot

Serious pouring: The use of inferior resin raw materials, resulting in large deviation in the overall shape of fiberglass sculpture, blurred details and other serious problems. Poor curing: The use of inferior resin raw materials, curing too slowly, leading to large-scale fiberglass sculpture glass cloth can not be smoothly adhered to, affecting the overall fiberglass sculpture forming effect. Too many bubbles: the use of inferior fiberglass cloth, accelerators, curing agents, improper operation, rough process, etc., resulting in excessive surface bubbles of fiberglass sculpture, flatness is not enough, affecting the overall effect of fiberglass sculpture and later painting process.

Fiberglass statue Robot Sculpture

Insufficient hardness: using inferior resin raw materials, inferior fiberglass cloth, workshop environment not up to the standard (temperature, humidity, etc.), improper process operation, resulting in insufficient durability and toughness of fiberglass sculpture in the later stage, especially when placed outdoors, it will quickly aging and damage.