Fiberglass sculptures are mostly used for Fiberglass statues and are also divided into natural Fiberglass sculptures and man-made Fiberglass sculptures (like Fiberglass).

The specific process flow is as follows:

The outline of the process of Fiberglass is mainly divided into Confirmation of drawings – clay sculpture – photo confirmation – mold opening – forming – repairing – sandblasting – coloring – sanding – packaging.

Fiberglass statue making the process

Fiberglass statue making the process

Fiberglass sculptures are divided into the following methods:

1 dry hanging method Draw lines on the wall.

2 There are pre-embedded welded corners, main keels and secondary keels on the wall, which are installed with metal pendants; without the embedded parts, the main keels can be installed with chemical anchors, then the secondary keels are installed, and the artificial glass reinforced plastics are installed with metal pendants.

3 Finally, use a sealed gap.

Direct mounting method installation height is usually very low or less than 2m when pasting

1 Mix the adhesive, apply the glue on the back of the artificial glass fiber reinforced plastic with a toothed spatula, and stick the artificial glass-reinforced stone on the wall surface where the wire is placed.

2 Install from bottom to top, after drying, beautify the gap.

(1) Features: Fiberglass, sound insulation, moisture absorption, anti-breakage, outdoor weathering, water insolubilization, no long moss, easy to clean. Advantages of Fiberglass:

(2) Advantages: Fiberglass is a kind of high-quality natural stone without light pollution and no radiation, and it has no radiation damage to the human body. It is moisture-proof, non-slip, sound-absorbing, light-absorbing, odorless, non-radiative, non-fading, warm in winter and cool in summer, warm and elegant; compared with wood, it does not crack, deform, rot, and fade.

The simplification of the product installation, as long as the marble can be used to fix the sculpture on the wall, the product can be organically connected with the wood decoration, the space of the background shape is more perfect, overcoming the traditional installation of the stone and reducing the installation cost. The decorated house can be directly mounted on the wall without adding other processes and paint.

(3) In terms of materials, a warm-colored decorative material is elegant and warm, harmonious and luxurious; with stone texture, wooden texture, and spectacular landscape paintings, rich in color, close to nature, simple and elegant, in numerous, The stone is unique and has been praised as “Li Shi”.