Fiberglass is as clean as white. To maintain its original beauty, a new layer of cellophane or plastic film should be placed on the newly purchased Fiberglass.

When handling the dust-stained on the Fiberglass image, use a clean feather duster or a soft brush, a brush, etc., or wipe it with a clean, soft cotton cloth. Do not rub with a wet rag, otherwise, it will get dirty.

When the glass fiber reinforced plastic needs to be moved, wear clean and soft gloves, or put a clean soft silk cloth or cotton cloth on the hand. Do not hold the bouldering audio directly by hand to avoid it stained with juice.

The glass fiber reinforced plastic image is placed for a long time, or the smudge is not noticed during storage, and the following treatment may be performed as follows: for small smudges, a thin layer of the surface may be gently scraped off with a knife;

If it is stained with ink and penetrates deeper, it is necessary to dig the ink, and then fill it with the blended Fiberglass. After drying, it can be flattened with fine sandpaper.

Fiberglass statue cleaning

Fiberglass statue cleaning

If the Fiberglass filled in is inconsistent with the original Fiberglass color, it will affect the appearance. In this case, the whole statue can be re-written. The method of adding Fiberglass water is to fully stir 30 g of quicklime in 1000 ml of clear water and then Fiberglass. Soak the product for 3 to 5 minutes, then take it out, wash it with water for 2 to 3 times, dry it, and finally sprinkle some chalk powder. The fiberglass image will be as white as ever.

If it is a very dirty Fiberglass image that has been traced for many years, it cannot be treated by the above method. The glass fiber reinforced plastic image can be immersed in water with a ratio of 1000 ml of soapy water and 10 to 20 ml of ammonia water, and gently washed for about 10 minutes, and then taken out and rinsed with water. If it is really dirty, it can’t be washed by this method. You can put a layer of imitation copper on the Fiberglass and change it into a copper-like statue, which is more elegant and chic.

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