Shoes have a long history. About 5,000 years ago, in the Yangshao culture period, the most primitive shoes sewn from animal skins appeared. It is not the sculptures of Fiberglass simulation shoes that combine this essential product into art, but the works of the great artist Van Gogh.

“A Pair of Old Shoes” (Van Gogh’s shoes), 1886, The Netherlands, Vincent Van Gogh, canvas oil painting, 44.1cm * 53cm, unknown place of collection The content of this classical oil painting “A Pair of Shoes” is in line with the title, It does depict a pair of shoes lying quietly on the ground, as close as a pair of brothers, implying the priceless affection between the painter and his brother Theo. Those shoes are so tattered, they lie silently on the yellow ground, but they only cling to each other as if they are always left and right, and follow each other and never separate. Just like the painter and his brother.

Fiberglass simulation shoes sculpture introduction

Fiberglass simulation shoes sculpture introduction

And this pair of Fiberglass simulation shoes sculpture is also awe of Van Gogh’s great works, but also a pair of weathered shoes.

The hard work is condensed from the opening of the worn black hole inside the shoe. In these hard, heavy and worn farm shoes, the toughness and stagnation of the steps on the endless and monotonous field ridges accumulating in the pair of cold winds. Wet and fertile dirt stuck to the shoe leather.

Twilight came, and the soles of the soles walked lonely on the field path. In this shoe, echoing the silent call of the earth, highlighting the quiet gift of the earth to the mature grain, symbolizing that the earth is a dim winter in the barren fields of winter leisure. This pair of appliances is soaked with a resentful anxiety about the stability of the bread, and the silent joy of overcoming poverty, implying the trembling of childbirth and the trembling of death as it approaches.