Realistic skin texture portrait of a glass sculpture

The surface texture and color of the Fiberglass sculpture form the main surface effect of the Fiberglass sculpture, that is, the material of the Fiberglass sculpture feels not only enhances the visual-tactile feeling of the Fiberglass sculpture but also expresses the emotion of the Fiberglass sculpture and shows the vitality of the Fiberglass sculpture. Today Boao Fiberglass Sculpture Company talks about the method of making Fiberglass sculpture skin texture.

Fiberglass sculpture skin texture is an important language in addition to styling in Fiberglass sculpture art. As a professional Fiberglass sculpture factory, studying the surface texture of Fiberglass sculpture, the effect of color under the effect of light, and the influence of different texture treatment methods on artistic style and aesthetic differences are of great significance in the creation of Fiberglass sculpture.

Fiberglass sculpture skin texture making method

Fiberglass sculpture skin texture making method

Texture refers to the specific phenomenon formed by the specific structure of the Fiberglass sculpture surface, which is formed by the surface visual or tactile structure of different Fiberglass sculpture materials.

That is to say, the texture and the material are closely related, and the production of the texture is based on the material, and the material also determines the performance method and processing technology of the texture.

We study the relationship between the special texture and the Fiberglass sculpture that the material exhibits due to its different physical properties.

Only with a deep understanding of modern Fiberglass sculpture materials and a keen perception of experience can we have a rich and varied surface effect creation behavior. Combining the artist’s personal style of control and skillful techniques, it creates a unique artistic visual effect that achieves a certain purpose and purpose.