The fiberglass sculpture spray painting process refers to a layer of paint on the surface of Fiberglass sculpture to achieve the desired artistic effect and protection. The spray painting process of Fiberglass sculpture is a method of spraying on the surface of Fiberglass sculpture by spraying a gun with the help of air pressure to disperse into uniform and fine mist droplets. (Can be divided into various spray painting methods such as air spray painting, airless spray painting, and electrostatic spray painting)

The fiberglass sculpture spray painting process generally uses baking paint. After the Fiberglass flip splicing and polishing is completed, the next step is painting.

Fiberglass sculpture spray painting process forms are ordinary paint; metal paint; pearl paint; varnish; matte paint.

The fiberglass sculpture spray painting process is roughly divided into putty scraping, sanding, painting and so on.

Fiberglass sculpture painting process

Fiberglass sculpture painting process

Classification of glass fiber reinforced plastic spray painting process:
With the requirements of customers, we will choose different paint finishes to achieve the effect. The following is the classification of paint finishes commonly used in Fiberglass sculpture paint finishes.

Ordinary paint:

Ordinary paint is the simplest, resin, pigment and additive.

In-depth analysis: ordinary paint is the most common automotive paint, and it also appeared earliest. Most of the cars that people came into contact with more than ten years ago were used in this paint. Its characteristics are low cost, simple process, but its gloss is not Too good, the surface hardness is not high, especially easy to scratch.

Therefore, it is rarely used in cars. Even if it is a low-grade model, it is mostly used in trucks and passenger cars. However, cars using this type of paint have an advantage in price.

And also in the glass steel sculpture, encountered very cheap sculpture products, mostly using ordinary paint. If it is cheaper, even acrylic paints are used.

Metallic paint:

Metallic paint, also known as metallic glitter paint, is a popular car finish. Fine aluminum particles are added to its lacquer base. After the light hits the aluminum particles, it is reflected by the aluminum particles through the air film.

So it looks as if the metal is shining. This metallic glitter paint is very popular because it gives people a pleasant, brisk and novel feeling. By changing the shape and size of the aluminum particles, the glitter of the metallic glitter paint film can be controlled. A layer of varnish is added to protect the metallic paint.

In-depth analysis: Metal paint is added with aluminum powder on the basis of ordinary paint, so it looks bright after completion. The biggest feature of metal paint is not only high brightness but also its hardness is much higher than ordinary paint. General objects are not It is easy to scrape it off, so cars, especially high-end cars, basically use metal paint, and it has become a trend. Metal paint cars are generally two to three thousand yuan more expensive than ordinary paint cars of the same type.

Most of the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures created by Bosong Beijing Sculpture Factory will use this kind of paint surface, which can well express the effect of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture and can also extend the service life of the sculpture better.

Pearl paint

Pearlescent paint, also called mica paint, is also a popular car finish. Its principle is basically the same as metallic paint. It replaces aluminum particles with mica. Mica pigments coated with titanium dioxide and iron oxide are added to its lacquer base.

After the light hits the mica particles, it first carries the color of titanium dioxide and iron oxide, and then complex refraction and interference occur in the mica particles. At the same time, mica itself has a special, transparent color. In this way, the reflected light has a pearl-like glitter. In addition, titanium dioxide itself has a yellow color, which changes to light blue when viewed in a squint, and has different colors when viewed from different angles. Therefore, pearlescent lacquer gives people a novel, colorful and colorful feeling.

In-depth analysis: Mica paint is not widely used in automobiles. This kind of paint is also one of the most cost-effective ways of glass steel sculpture spray painting process.