The foundation of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture baking paint should be based on beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, and stable and proper internal skeleton support. The surface is flat, the lines are smooth and natural, the welding is full and uniform, the grinding and surface treatment are meticulous, and there are no welding marks.

1. The sculpture is professionally analyzed and staked out in a computer-based on the pictures of the previous sculpture design and enlarged to the height required for glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture with a reasonable coordination ratio.

Fiberglass sculpture paint color requirements

Fiberglass sculpture paint color requirements

2. Proofread and refine the sculpture modeling pictures, and optimize and verify the production after sculptors.

3. The picture is determined, and the professional stylist will cooperate with the sculpture expert to make the model according to the model picture.

4. After the modeling is completed, the structural engineer will perform gravity analysis and load-bearing support on the inner steel frame structure, so that its stability can reach more than 10 levels of wind resistance, and then the surface of the inner steel structure is rust-proofed three times.

5. The support of the steel structure in the shape is completed, and the professional engineers and technicians will stakeout, cut out, cut pieces, art forging, splicing, welding, grinding, surface treatment, and final forming.

6, according to the needs of the owner to produce a surface effect, smooth and flat, no deformation, color difference, rust, uniform gloss.