Fiberglass sculpture adopts hand lay-up molding method, and the molding circuit should be designed before manufacturing. Start at one end of the sculpture and paste the product after combining a partial mold. After the previous partial curing, the mold is assembled and the product continues to be pasted. Under the premise of facilitating the molding operation, as many mold unit blocks as possible are assembled at one time.

Repeat this way, and finally leave a unit block, which is glued to the overall sculpture after pre-forming. In the Fiberglass sculpture, similar to the animal’s horns, legs, and tail, it is difficult to make parts by the above methods. It can be made into the approximate shape with the corresponding metal materials, and then the Fiberglass is formed on the metal materials and polished by grinding.

Fiberglass sculpture molding

Fiberglass sculpture molding

1. Fiberglass sculpture is manufactured by hand lay-up. Several unit molds were rolled separately.

2. Splicing, also known as assembly. According to this, unit products are formed, and then they are combined into a whole.

3. Seam treatment. After stitching several unit products, the gaps need to be bonded and polished.

4. Support production. That is, the skeleton that supports the finished product is generally steel.

The rest is the coloring process. I won’t go into details here. You can jump to understand the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture process of Bosong Beijing Sculpture Company and the sculpture picture of my cat driving to the cat