(1) Fiberglass sculpture cylinders with high-strength composite materials are made of high-strength resin, alkali-free glass fiber adhesives, and carbon fiber fabrics through a special process. Fiberglass sculpture cylinder production has the advantages of good toughness, impact resistance, high strength, and good wear resistance.

Fiberglass sculpture cylinder production characteristics

Fiberglass sculpture cylinder production characteristics

(2) In the process of making Fiberglass sculpture cylinders, the whole plate can be poured after it is screwed closed and positioned. The circular column cast by Fiberglass template has the characteristics of high work efficiency and smooth and clean cylindrical column surface, which fully meets the requirements of the clean water column, and there is only one vertical seam in the vertical direction, and the number of cycles is high.

(3) The production of Fiberglass sculpture cylinders has the defects of lightweight, high strength, difficulty in processing, consumption of wood, and low turnover.

(4) The manufacture and installation of Fiberglass sculpture cylinders are convenient, and they can be installed and removed only by hand. Therefore, the problem that steel-wood formwork occupies a large number of mechanical lifting times is solved.

(5) The cast concrete column has a regular shape and a smooth and smooth surface, which can meet the quality standards of fresh concrete and meet the requirements for the formwork of creating high-quality projects.

(6) Fiberglass sculpture cylindrical mold is made, and it is more convenient to brush the mold release agent. The surface scum can be wiped off only with a mop, reducing maintenance time and costs.

(7) The formwork is low in cost, and its cost is 45% of the same size steel formwork. It can also be used as a maintenance material for temporary projects after use. Although the steel formwork has a large number of turnovers, it is discarded if there is no subsequent project, which is more wasteful. Therefore, in the construction of cylindrical concrete, the use of glass formwork is undoubtedly an economical, reasonable and technically feasible construction method.