The cost of Fiberglass sculpture depends on many aspects. Everyone knows that the price of Fiberglass material is relatively low. It is one of the first choice materials for short-term display and beautiful sculptures. Next, we will explain in detail the cost of Fiberglass sculpture. What factors are involved.

Fiberglass sculpture production process:
When talking about the cost of Fiberglass sculpture, we must first understand the process of Fiberglass sculpture. The overall Fiberglass production process is in turn the design and molding, Fiberglass manufacturing, mold making, molding manufacturing, surface effect treatment and other processes. Each process will generate corresponding costs. .

Fiberglass sculpture cost components

Fiberglass sculpture cost components

Design and molding costs: The cost of the sculpture design stage is not easy to estimate. Generally, large Fiberglass sculptures are roughly calculated at 5% -15% of the total cost of the sculpture. Small Fiberglass sculptures need to be integrated according to specific needs, design difficulties, and design workload. Check it out.

The cost of molding needs to be determined according to the way you are molding. There is a large discrepancy. For example, the cost of foam molding is low, but the cost of molding with 3D printing is very high.

Fiberglass manufacturing cost: The cost of Fiberglass sculpture also depends on the different grades of Fiberglass materials. Currently, most of the 192 resin raw materials used in the sculpture market are used in the sculpture market, and the 123 epoxy resin raw materials imported from Japan are used by Bosong sculpture manufacturers. The cost will be higher, but the durability is higher, and the progress of subsequent processes will be smoother.

Mold making cost: The cost of mold making is the most important part of making Fiberglass sculpture. If you only make one Fiberglass sculpture, then the overall cost is not much different from the price of cast copper material. If it is made in large quantities according to the same mold, then it is made. The larger the number, the lower the cost.

Surface effect cost: How much is the cost of glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture? The final step is the surface effect. You need to choose different surface treatment methods according to your final requirements. For example, the copper imitation effect is relatively cheap, the baking paint process is relatively high, and the price of nano electroplating will be more high.

Although the cost of Fiberglass sculpture is low, cutting corners in any part of the process will seriously affect the quality and durability of the sculpture. Therefore, you should review the quality of each link in addition to the cost of Fiberglass sculpture when you choose Fiberglass sculpture.

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