Fiberglass portrait sculpture is a form that combines Fiberglass water features with themes of characters. The design shapes of Fiberglass sculptures are different, including characters, animals, plants, modern abstract expressions and so on.

As the name suggests, Fiberglass sculpture refers to the artificial water spray equipment used to beautify the environment. It is a type of sculpture. Generally, it refers to the sculpture placed around or in the center of Fiberglass.

These sculptures have a very powerful visual impact, which complements the spectacular scenery of Fiberglass, making the environment more fascinating. The Fiberglass sculpture contrasts with the theme of Fiberglass, integrating humanities such as sculpture art and landscaping. It is the first choice for people to take pictures together.

Fiberglass portrait sculpture

Fiberglass portrait sculpture

Public glass fiber reinforced plastic in city centers often has infinite charm. Both local residents and foreign tourists can’t help but admire the magnificent sight of the glass fiber reinforced plastic water column and enjoy the beautiful feeling of listening to the melodious sound of the water clinking.

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The combination of Fiberglass portrait sculpture and waterscape can enrich the expression form of the waterscape, create a beautiful landscape environment, enrich the expression form of sculpture, and enhance the cultural level of waterscape. The combination of the two is of extraordinary significance and broad application prospects. At the same time, the relationship between sculpture and water features in the design of Fiberglass portrait sculpture is very delicate, and it is extremely particular about the theme of expression and the form of combination.