Fiberglass Panda Bear Statue

Panda is a national treasure of China, a name card of China, and a witness of friendship between China and other countries.panda statue

Panda diplomacy is one of the ways for China to carry out diplomacy. The panda sculpture on the Panda Greenway has become a beautiful scenery.

panda statue

Pandas have gone abroad many times as envoys of friendship and made indelible contributions to the development of friendly relations with foreign countries.

Some couples like to take photos with the fiberglass giant panda sculpture.panda statue

Fiberglass animal sculpture was designed before it was made. We should first choose what kind of animal sculpture we want to make. After the design is completed, we begin to prepare the fiberglass animal sculpture mold, which is directly related to the formation of animal sculpture.panda statue

Now the mould materials used in fiberglass animal sculpture are gypsum, silica gel and FRP. Silica gel is the surface layer material of FRP sculpture mould, which can reproduce the shape of the work with high quality and ensure the smooth demoulding. However, it should be noted that silica gel is easy to deform, so support carriers are also needed.panda statue