There is no clear standard for Fiberglass sculptures in China. First, choose the most cost-effective Fiberglass sculpture from the price you can afford as the standard. Your Fiberglass sculpture acceptance criteria, but how to understand each link requires you to understand many details Come down to Bosong Beijing Sculpture Factory to answer your questions in detail:

Fiberglass sculpture acceptance standards are usually visually inspected using normal or corrected vision. Under indoor 40W fluorescent lamps, the distance between the eyes and the test panel is about 30cm and 120 ~ 140o.

Color: The color should be basically consistent with the selected template or swatch, the surface color of the product is uniform, and there is no obvious color difference by visual inspection.

Fiberglass material sculpture standard

Fiberglass material sculpture standard

Cleaning: Visible surface parts inside and outside of glass fiber reinforced plastic products should be clean, without stains, oil stains and other stains that affect the appearance.

Damage and deformation: The surface of the glass fiber reinforced plastic products must not be bumped or deformed, and the surface should be flat without corner warping and bending.

Abrasions: Pieces of abrasion caused by friction are not allowed. Granules and impurities: There should be no small particles, impurities, bumps, protruding marks or flow molding marks on the surface of the product. Dispersion and a small number of particles are allowed.

Dimples and bubbles: There should be no pits, bubbles, or pores on the surface of the product. Dispersions and small amounts are allowed. Scratches: The surface of the product must not have scratches exceeding 0.2 × 10mm, and the scratches must not be too deep; the surface of the product must not have scratches in pieces, which are allowed to disperse and exist in small amounts.