Introduction to Fiberglass cartoon sculpture

Today, China’s streets and alleys often see a variety of cartoon sculptures in shopping malls, parks, gardens, etc. There are cartoon character sculptures we see on TV, some cartoon animal sculptures, and some Movie cartoon character sculptures, these cartoon sculptures are not only beautiful but also loved by the people.

Fiberglass cartoon sculpture

Fiberglass cartoon sculpture

Like the robot cat cartoon animal sculpture, gray wolf, Fuwa cartoon character sculpture, Altman, and so on, the cartoon sculpture anime image, as well as some iron man, spiderman, batman, etc. active in the film and television stars, they are It is made into a three-dimensional image by the cartoon sculpture of a cartoon sculpture company standing indoors and outdoors.

Cartoon sculpture is the use of carving, carving, engraving, grinding, plastic and other means to create a cartoon character sculpture, cartoon animal sculpture, such as the above-mentioned cartoon sculpture production.

The cartoon sculpture has a personality and is cute. It can be stored outdoors without discoloration. In many parks and playgrounds, cartoon sculptures can be seen, adding a lot of innocent and lovely atmosphere to the surrounding environment.

The characteristics of cartoon sculpture:

The use of exaggeration, deformation and other methods to shape objects, animals and other objects, the spatial, ornamental and tactile artistic characters, has become the desired cartoon character sculpture, cartoon animal sculpture.

The benefits of cartoon sculpture:

The shape is cute and can be used as a gift in a social gift. It can also be used for decoration in squares, shopping malls, parks, offices, etc. It is a good choice.

Fiberglass cartoon sculpture production process:

Before the production of the cartoon sculpture, the prototype of the cartoon sculpture to be made is firstly shaped with the specific sculpture mud material to produce the corresponding product. After the clay sculpture is finished, the plaster outer mold is turned and then the glass fiber reinforced plastic is painted inside the outer mold. After it is dried, the outer mold is opened, and after the mold clamping process, the finished Fiberglass cartoon sculpture is obtained.

However, the Fiberglass cartoon sculpture is exposed to the sun and wind erosion outside the sun. Generally, it has the disadvantage of being deformed and fragile and cracking for more than five years.

According to the shape and characteristics of cartoon sculptures:

From the viewpoint of facilitating molding and demolding, the mold is decomposed into a plurality of units for conversion. Form them accordingly and combine them into a whole. Finally, the overall processing of the painting, a piece of Fiberglass sculpture work is completed.

Cartoon sculpture mold making is the key to molding. Gypsum is often used in mold making, but the strength of the gypsum is low and the time is long and easy to deform. Cartoon sculpture molds can be made from silicone rubber and fiberglass materials. The hand lay-up method is used to make the pre-design idea. Start by combining a portion of the paste product from one end. The glass-reinforced plastic is then formed on the material and trimmed by sanding.

On the one hand, the post-processing is to repair the local defects of the product and to make the surface effect. The sculpture made of Fiberglass has bright colors, beautiful lines, and beautiful appearance. It can be made into imitation gold, copper and stone with a variety of effects, showing a distinct sense of the times.

The above is about the production of high-quality Fiberglass cartoon sculptures. In order to produce high-quality Fiberglass cartoon sculptures, we must also consider the technological characteristics of Fiberglass cartoon sculpture design materials. Fiberglass sculpture is a streamlined product that is easy to form and beautiful. It highlights the contemporary sense of the work and can be designed with a circular streamline. Because of the lightweight and high strength of Fiberglass, it can produce cartoon sculptures with a small dynamic support area.

Fiberglass cartoon sculpture Products

Fiberglass cartoon sculpture Products

Fiberglass cartoon sculpture placed

The location of Fiberglass cartoon sculptures is relatively simple. The most important thing is the decoration and matching. The Fiberglass cartoon sculptures are exquisite and beautiful. They are widely used in modern cities. No matter how they are used, they are the best choice for fashion creativity. Now, the problem of placing the Fiberglass cartoon sculpture is nothing more than indoor and outdoor. It is not as beautiful as the cast bronze sculpture. The cartoon sculpture is designed for decoration.

Indoor display: Fiberglass cartoon sculptures are more indoors and are more common. Placed indoors, let the producer add weight at the bottom, it is best to add a home-made anti-slip mat is not easy to be pushed away. If the floor can be glued, it is best to use glass glue or marble glue. If you can place the pile bolts and the ground fixed all year round, you can plant a circle of plants or flowers or banned lines around the sculpture to keep the audience or children away.

Outdoor placement: Fiberglass cartoon sculptures placed outdoors can be fixed to the ground at one time and bolted to the ground, because there are many uncertain factors in the outdoor, such as high winds, pedestrians, vehicles and so on. Below one meter, it can be installed indoors. If it is more than 2 meters, it is best to use the steel plate and the ground to fix it. Sometimes the wind blows down the cartoon sculpture. Sometimes the car is knocked down when it turns, so there is A large base can minimize the accident rate.