Fiberglass bull statue

Fiberglass bull statue is a bull sculpture made with fiberglass material. Bull statue is widely used as a decoration in parks, street, shopping mall. That’s because bull has a cultural meaning.

bull statue

fiberglass bull statue

In Greek mythology, Zeus turned into a cow to kidnap Europa, while Minotauros, the monster in the labyrinth of Crete Island, was a demon of half a cow and half a man.bull statue

As domestic cattle are important farming livestock, they are closely related to agriculture. Farmers in some places organize activities and ceremonies related to cattle before they start farming every spring, hoping to get a good harvest. Because of this, domestic cattle often have a high position in agricultural society.

cow statue

fiberglass cow statue

For example, in Taiwan, some people who grow up in rural areas do not eat beef. In some cases, the government will also order a ban on slaughtering domestic cattle in order to prevent the reduction of farmed cattle.cow statue