Generally, the high-grade Fiberglass baking paint sculptures are made of high-grade automobile paint and professional craftsmanship to achieve the desired effect.

Color paint: pearl silver pink paint spraying in three times:

The first spraying is fog spray, and the speed of the gun can be relatively fast so that the repair area or the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is like a thin spray of mist so that the paint can adhere to the middle paint film.

The paint or putty red-gray layer is displayed in the second spray cover to show the color. Be careful not to have silver pink paint spots, blooming, and other problems. The speed of the gun can be slightly faster.

Fiberglass baking paint sculpture spraying method

Fiberglass baking paint sculpture spraying method

The third pass of spraying is to correct uneven spraying such as stains and the like generated during the second pass of spraying. In general, it is required to uniformly cover the color of the repaired area or glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture as the standard.

Overlay varnish:

1. After drying, spray the same color paint for 5 ~ 15min to volatilize part of the solvent and spray the coating film after it is dry. Use your finger to lightly touch and apply the film without smearing the color. If the paint surface is rough or protected from dust. Wipe it with a dust cloth and compressed air. After wiping, use a degreasing agent to degrease (known as degreaser and degreaser in the industry).

2. The first pass of the overcoat varnish is mainly mist spraying. It should not be sprayed too thickly, spraying to a degree that can show gloss, and the running speed of the spray gun can be slightly faster.

3. The second coat of varnish is used for decoration, and the brightness should be sprayed; pay attention to flatness and gloss. The two-pass (reciprocating) spraying method is used to overlap and spray guns run at normal or slightly slower speeds.

As a professional Beijing sculpture company, we have an advanced dust-free paint room that can maximize the details of Fiberglass sculptures.