Fiberglass animal statue

Fiberglass animal statue refers to a variety of materials which have different appearance. Realistic animal sculpture process products after the production and Simulation of moulds, blanks and other processes.

Fiberglass animal simulation sculpture originated from arts and crafts, so most of the animal realistic sculpture works have strong decorative and practical; pay attention to animal shape depiction, and add color to the sculpture, combining sculpture and painting, complement each other, so that the work has the same aesthetic feeling and appreciation value as painting; pay attention to vivid form, to concise. Animal sculpture is very beautiful.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic simulation animal sculpture image is very rich and numerous, Sika deer, lion, kirin, tortoise, cattle, horse and other different animal images, sculpture techniques are realistic and vivid, and different simulation animal sculpture crafts still have different subtle treatment methods, so we must constantly ponder and dare to create.

New, can produce more exquisite, more practical, more market value simulation crafts, so as to provide more comprehensive services for different fields of home decoration, construction, film and television industries.

penguin statue

Fiberglass penguin statue