The first step: clay sculpture production

1. According to the design drawing and the characteristics of the finished product, the supporting skeleton and shape are prepared in advance.

2. Fill the mud. Different methods can be used depending on the style of the sculpture. Such as foam cutting, scraping, and other methods.

3, fine carving and intensive, after the customer’s approval, can proceed to the next step.

The second step: turning the mold

Fiberglass animal sculpture production process

Fiberglass animal sculpture production process

1. First, the technician will determine the treatment method of the clay surface according to various factors.

2, according to customer requirements, turn different molds. Such as silicone mold, plaster mold, or glass steel mold. Several molds have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the silicone mold is extremely expensive, but the finished product that it pulls out has the best effect. The Fiberglass mold can also be used multiple times, and the finished product has a good effect, but it has the disadvantage of being variability. The plaster mold is disposable and the cost is low.

3. When molding, the technician needs to divide the mold into more than two pieces according to the shape of the product. But its purpose is not to damage the mold, easy to install and easy to splicing.

The third step: sculpture production

1. Fiberglass sculpture manufacturing adopts a hand lay-up method. Several unit molds are separately turned over.

2, stitching, also known as an assembly. The unit products are thus formed and then combined into one.

3, seam processing, after splicing several unit products, the gap needs to be bonded and polished.

4, the bracket production. That is, the skeleton that supports the stable product is generally made of steel.

The fourth step: post-processing

1. The surface is scraped with resin putty and polished.

2, effect processing. Through painting, painting, distressing, gold-plating, etc., you can achieve imitation gold, silver, copper, antique copper, imitation jade, imitation stone, and other effects, such as antique copper, there are more than ten kinds of techniques and effects, color Natural, full, strong copper, copper rust is true, the pattern, texture is very beautiful, metal products can not be achieved.