1. There are many types of Fiberglass sculpture: Fiberglass cartoon sculpture, Fiberglass animal sculpture, and Fiberglass character sculpture. Fiberglass sculpture is a new type of sculpture crafts, which not only has a very exquisite, colorful appearance, has a high appreciation value, but also has a very strong plasticity, which can perfect the artist’s creative inspiration, a leak-proof Jumping out, it is more suitable for artists to give full play and creativity.

2. The quality of Fiberglass sculpture is lighter than that of stone sculpture and bronze sculpture. Therefore, it is convenient to transport, and at the same time, the Fiberglass sculpture also has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, and the production cost is relatively low. It is a craft gift made of Fiberglass-based composite materials.

Features and advantages of Fiberglass sculpture

Features and advantages of Fiberglass sculpture

Fiberglass sculpture according to the surrounding environment:

1. Various structural products can be flexibly designed according to needs to meet the requirements of use, which can make the product have good integrity.

2. The materials can be fully selected to meet the performance of the product, such as designing products that are resistant to corrosion and high temperature or have other requirements such as high strength and good dielectric properties.

3. The molding process can be flexibly selected according to the shape, technical requirements, use and quantity of the product.

4. The process is simple and can be molded at one time, and the economic effect is outstanding, especially for products with complicated shapes and a small number of products that are not easy to form, and it also highlights its technological superiority.

5. The most prominent feature of modern glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is the “alienation” visual effect in pursuit of performance. Based on traditional sculpture, there is a diversified pattern.

“Alienation” is the differentiation from the sculptural elements. Various new materials and technologies have been continuously used in sculpture, which has resulted in a variety of sculptural forms with exploratory, experimental, and strange characteristics. It has injected a strong agent into the development of modern sculpture. The other is to strengthen the Xiong modeling of the sculpture, negating the principles of classical traditional forms and negating the content to determine the form, focusing on the creation of highly visible art forms, and bringing a new aesthetic experience to the modern public.

Features and advantages of Fiberglass sculpture product

Features and advantages of Fiberglass sculpture product

6. Modern glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture pays attention to the abstract expression and the dynamic characteristics of the body. In the process of sculpture expression, the abstract expression can accommodate more connotations, let people express their spiritual emotions, stay away from objects and approach the essence, and make the sculpture more modern. As one of the forms of modern art, the modern sculpture has the same characteristics as other art forms, that is, it strives to explore new forms and reflect new artistic concepts. At the same time, in the modeling process, highlighting the external dynamic performance of the shape is also an important feature of modern sculpture.

7. Modern glass steel sculpture has a strong sense of environmental space. With the development of society and urbanization, modern people have a broader understanding of the art form and existence value of sculpture. Modern sculpture is different from the traditional concept of sculpture. It is separated from the isolated state and combined with the surrounding environment. It has both the unique artistic attributes of the sculpture itself and the public environment.

Modern sculpture with its unique artistic perspective, in a limited environment space, orderly combination and structure give the three-dimensional modeling of rhythm and rhythm beauty, image and physical beauty, beautify the environment and enhance the cultural taste. The sculpture is closely related to the environment. The sculpture is part of the environment as a whole. The rich connotation, vivid image and beautiful shape of the sculpture can only be perfectly displayed in a specific environment. It is the basic requirement of modern sculpture design to grasp the coordination and unification of the sculpture’s subject matter, form and expression method with the environmental space.