Elephant garden statue

Generally realistic animal sculptures are popular. The imitation of Golden Elephant sculptures is actually made of fiberglass. The surface is covered with gold foil.

fiberglass elephant sulpture

Animal sculptures are indispensable in outdoor scenes and zoos, such as lovely elephant sculptures, cartoon Elephant Figurine sculptures, and fiberglass reinforced plastic animal sculptures are very easy to see in modern cities, especially in some parks or zoos. It’s a large square. We see these sculptures.

The fiberglass elephant sculpture can be placed at the entrance of storefront hotels, scenic spots, kindergarten ornaments and landscaping projects. After the design of fiberglass animal sculpture is completed, it is the manufacture of the mould.

Fiberglass product Elephants

First, it is necessary to make an original mould with clay. Then, it is necessary to coat the matched silicone rubber on the top of the original mould. The thickness of the silicone gel is generally about one millimeter.

After waiting for the cross-linking of the silicone gel, the glass-reinforced plastic layer of three millimeters is laid on the top of the silicone gel. When the fiberglass layer is solidified, the whole die is divided into several pieces.Fiberglass Animals Elephants

When cutting, the silica gel layer is cut together. Connecting ribs are made in each piece, and slots should be set at the connecting ribs to ensure that the future connection can be accurately connected, so as to ensure that each piece can be connected together in the future.

outdoor elephant statues

The fiberglass block is demoulded, the silicone rubber layer is removed, and the removed silicone rubber block is immediately put back into the fiberglass mould.

outdoor elephant statues

After that, each demoulded fiberglass mold is combined into a whole shape to form a fiberglass animal sculpture. After finishing the splicing of fiberglass animal sculptures, we need to polish and color the outside of fiberglass animal sculptures, so that we can get those popular fiberglass animal sculptures. The production of fiberglass animal sculpture is, of course, design. The design of the sculpture should take into account many factors. The characteristics of fiberglass and the process must be considered.