Low elastic modulus: The elastic modulus of Fiberglass is twice as large as that of wood, but 10 times smaller than that of steel (E = 2.1 × 105). Therefore, it is often felt that the rigidity of the product is insufficient and it is easy to deform.

It can be made into a thin shell structure, a sandwich structure, or it can be made up of high modulus fibers or reinforcing ribs.

Poor long-term temperature resistance: Generally, Fiberglass cannot be used for a long time at high temperatures. The strength of general-purpose polyester Fiberglass decreases significantly above 50 ° C, and it is generally only used below 100 ° C. The general-purpose epoxy Fiberglass has a significant decrease in strength above 60 ° C.

Disadvantages of Fiberglass sculpture

Disadvantages of Fiberglass sculpture

However, high-temperature resistant resins can be selected, and it is possible to make the long-term working temperature be 200 ~ 300 ℃.

Aging phenomenon: the Aging phenomenon is a common defect of plastics, and Fiberglass is no exception. It is easy to cause performance degradation under the action of ultraviolet rays, sand, rain, snow, chemical media, and mechanical stress.

Low shear strength: The interlayer shear strength is borne by the resin, so it is very low. You can improve the adhesion between layers by selecting processes and using coupling agents. The main thing is to avoid shearing between layers as much as possible during product design.

All the high-quality epoxy resins used by the Bosong Beijing Sculpture Company are composite materials, which are low-pressure molding materials compounded by an epoxy resin matrix and a reinforcing material (fiber and fabric) through the interface between the two.

Fiberglass sculpture products

Fiberglass sculpture products

According to their uses, they can be divided into structural composite materials, functional composite materials and general-purpose composite materials. Structural composite materials focus on the mechanical properties of the composite, which is mainly used for load-bearing members and have certain heat and humidity resistance. Functional composites focus on the functional composite, but also need certain mechanical properties.

Fiberglass sculpture display
Due to the characteristics of Fiberglass material, Bosong Sculpture Factory recommends that it is best placed in indoor space, otherwise, the aging and life of Fiberglass will be accelerated due to the influence of the natural environment.

1. Space: Fiberglass sculpture is the art of space environment. The fixed display restricts people’s viewing conditions. The ornamental effect must be predicted and analyzed, especially the project planning of its size and scale, as well as the necessary correction of distortion and illusion, to determine a reasonable scale-scale relationship such as the plane position and spatial volume.

2. Light: The glass steel sculpture works produce special effects such as clear, hazy, rich, or elegant through lighting, which become the visual focus and image mark of city night. Landscape sculpture lighting design is best to use front side light, to avoid strong elevation, forward light, to avoid the negative visual effects such as “yin and yang face” caused by positive sidelight. The landscape sculpture night lighting is incorporated into the urban night landscape planning and construction system, which makes the night of the city dazzling, embellishes and beautifies the urban environment.

3. Sculpture placement: The relationship between sculpture and architecture is borrowed from each other. For example, some hollow structures in the building have the function of frame scenery. Landscape glass steel sculpture boldly expresses geometric block faces and structural gaps or uses solid material materials and solid composition, in harmony with modern urban architectural style, giving the sculpture an architectural feel.

4. Waterscape modeling: The water environment is the most popular landscape in natural landscapes. The sculpture placed on the water’s edge produces beautiful reflections and adds a lot of interest. The fountain, which is mainly a sculpture, naturally flows out of the sculptural structure, so that the sculpture image is naturally integrated with the fountain. (Fiberglass material is best to avoid combining with water features)

5. Surrounding environment: The landscape sculpture takes plants as its background, and through the plant’s background, it constantly produces many new visual sensations, and it also complements the hint sculpture content. Such as the powerful shading of tall arbor leaves, reflecting the delicate and gentle sculpture, suitable for marble and granite sculptures. The natural green wall background formed by the low bush plants has a clear and definite sculptural outline, making people’s vision pay more attention to the shape of the sculpture.

Climbing plants enrich the sculptural image or make up for some of the shortcomings in sculptural processing and better integrate with nature.