The design and manufacture of Fiberglass sculpture are inseparable. The early design directly affects the shape and even the process of the later production. The creative conception of sculpture in the conception stage is sculpture design. The process of three-dimensional sculpture produced by visual communication is also called sculpture design.

When it comes to the design and production of Fiberglass sculpture, we need to understand the definition of design and production.

Fiberglass Statue Sculpture Design

Fiberglass sculpture design is the same as other designs, but we need to pay attention to how to combine the characteristics and advantages of Fiberglass quality in the later stage, so as to achieve the best artistic effect. Design is a process of conveying ideas through reasonable planning, careful planning, and various sensory forms. Mankind transforms the world through labor, creates a civilization, creates material wealth and spiritual wealth, and the most basic and main creative activity is creation. Design is the pre-planning of creative activities, which can be understood as design by the planning technology and planning process of any creative activities.

Design and Manufacture of Fiberglass Sculpture

Design and Manufacture of Fiberglass Sculpture

With the development of science and technology, the three-dimensional design of Fiberglass sculpture design (3D Design): is a wide variety, but not commonly used, in three-dimensional design, computer animation, the industrial or architectural design of the three-dimensional model is the main creative project.

There are many kinds of designs. The design has been applied in many fields and involves a wide range of aspects. Below is a list of long-standing and well-known designs. For more types of designs, see the following directory for designs.

The Principle of Hand Paste Forming in Fiberglass Sculpture Technology

The hand paste forming process of Fiberglass sculpture, also known as contact forming, is one of the earliest and most widely used forming methods in the production of resin matrix composites. The hand paste forming process of Fiberglass sculpture is a process of making Fiberglass sculpture by using resin mixed with curing agent as the matrix, glass fiber, and its fabric as reinforcing the material, and hand laying on the sculpture mold coated with demoulding agent to bond the two together.

Unsaturated polyester resins or epoxy resins are usually used as matrix resins, and alkali-free or medium-alkali glass fibers and their fabrics are usually used as reinforcing materials. In the hand pasting process of Fiberglass sculpture, mechanical equipment is less used. It is suitable for the production of many kinds and small batches of sculpture products and is not limited by the type and shape of the sculpture.

Design and Manufacture of Fiberglass Statue Sculpture

Design and Manufacture of Fiberglass Statue Sculpture

Fiberglass Statue Sculpture Forming Process

The process of hand paste forming for Fiberglass sculpture is as follows: firstly, the release agent is applied on the surface of the sculpture mold which has been cleaned or surface treated. After fully drying, the curing agent (initiator), accelerator, pigment paste, and other additives are added, and the uniform rubber clothing or resin mixture is stirred. Then, the hand paste is painted on the surface of the sculpture mold, and the cut-glass cloth (felt) is laid on the sculpture surface. Reinforcement materials, and pay attention to soaking resin, eliminate bubbles. Repeat the above laying operation until the design thickness is reached, and then solidify and demould.

With the progress of society, people’s demand for art is increasing. More and more individuals and enterprises choose sculpture form to beautify the environment. The design and manufacture of Fiberglass sculpture have become a unique product of the times, which can show a three-dimensional artistic effect in a cheaper way.

The design and manufacture of Fiberglass sculpture need a professional technical team to integrate the design and manufacture of Fiberglass sculpture perfectly.

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