The creative resin sculpture is made of resin as the main raw material, and is carved and molded by the mold to make various realistic figures, animals, animals, mountains, and waters, and can be made into various simulation effects.

Resin is a kind of industrial material that should be very extensive. It has many fields, and it has many types, such as epoxy resin, natural resin, etc., while the creative resin sculpture is made of resin material. Product.

The creative resin sculpture is a sculpture named after the material classification. The small pieces are generally called resin crafts. The large pieces are called the glass fiber because the resin is not the only raw material.

Creative resin sculpture introduction

Creative resin sculpture introduction

Creative resin sculptures are currently used by many sculptors and sculptors as the most malleable materials. Because of the cost-effective relationship between resins, as long as there is good creativity, anyone has the ability to turn into a creative resin sculpture. works.

Although the creative resin sculpture is named after the material, the name behind the creative resin sculpture is also a craft.

Of course, the names of sculptures named after the material category are also glass-steel sculptures, stainless steel sculptures, cement sculptures, wood carvings, etc.

Although the materials are different, as the carrier of art, the artistic sense has never been reduced, and they have become popular sculptures.

Each material has its advantages. When we choose materials, we must according to the budget of our design. The price and process of different materials are different, so the price is quite different. Choosing the most suitable materials and processes according to different requirements is one of the most important abilities for sculptors.

The following are some of the creative resin sculptures selected by Boao Sculpture Company. They are mainly used for interior decoration. They are some small and medium-sized creative resin sculptures.

If you need to order large pieces, you can contact Boao Sculpture Factory to provide us with your design, or we can help you with professional design, we can perfectly help you make your own creative resin sculptures…

Creative resin sculpture production method:

In the process of making creative resin sculptures and crafts, some small holes appear on the surface of the product. When the needle is used to pierce it, some liquid will flow out. This is called the oil hole if there is a hole under the surface of the product. There are many very small holes, some of which have liquids, which are called pinholes.

Pinholes and oil holes are produced by chemical thinners. When these materials are fused together, oil pores often appear. If the oil and the sparse agent are relatively small and there is no fusion, pinholes will occur. This problem usually occurs in the second half of the season. After the slurry is stirred up, there will be stratification. There are several ways to solve such problems:

1. Control the amount of oil involved before the production of the pulp, and then mix it evenly.

2. In the process of production, some resin materials with relatively high concentrations are used to reduce the stratification of the slurry when the stone powder is added.

3, pay attention to the humidity when filling the stone powder because too much moisture will lead to stratification.

4, must strictly control the amount of oil involved, in the environment that does not affect the shotcrete, less oil, the amount of oil involved should not exceed five thousandths, and the less the better.

There are many ways to make resin sculptures. According to the different creative resin sculptures, we will choose the most suitable method. We must have professional skills, and many practices can create excellent sculptures of the bed.