Copper-like Fiberglass Statue sculpture is mainly made of copper and gold powder and polyurethane varnish. First, the copper and gold powder is poured into a small pot, a little banana water is added and fully stirred into a semi-dilute paste, but not too thin, and then poured into polychloride varnish and stirred evenly.

Copper imitation surface of Fiberglass Statue sculpture is a kind of chemical synthetic material, which is mainly used to create copper imitation effect of Fiberglass sculpture and other imitation copper paint. Characteristics: First, the metal texture is strong, can be sprayed several coppers, second, good weather resistance, long life.

Copper-like Sculpture Technology of Fiberglass Statue

Copper-like Sculpture Technology of Fiberglass Statue

Use a clean brush to evenly brush the gold powder on the surface of the Fiberglass Statue sculpture body. Generally, the first time it is painted as thin as possible, the second time it can be painted when it is not touched by hands after drying, and the last time it is painted with varnish as a brightener.

Copper and gold powder is generally divided into red gloss powder, blue gloss powder, blue gloss powder, etc. According to the different needs of Fiberglass sculpture, different raw materials are selected. Of course, in the specific operation, the gold powder should be used with the mix, otherwise, it will be useless and scrapped after the end.

Sculpture Technology of Fiberglass Statue

Sculpture Technology of Fiberglass Statue

In many public places, we can see some Fiberglass Statue copper imitation sculptures. These Fiberglass copper imitation sculptures can give people a sense of authenticity and texture of copper, but when touched by hand, they are not real copper sculptures. This is because of the restriction of material quality and processing conditions, many Fiberglass copper imitation sculptures can not be made with real materials. Fiberglass copper imitation sculptures are often made with Fiberglass materials. This material produces copper imitation sculptures with a high price ratio, strong color, and texture.

Copper-like Sculpture Technology of Fiberglass Statue

The surface effects of Fiberglass Statue sculpture are painted, oil painted, propylene painted, water painted, and watercolor pigments. At the same time, they are mixed with a metal powder such as glue, copper powder, and silver powder.

1. Make background color:

In the last step of Fiberglass Statue sculpture production, the most important step is to configure the color paste for coloring. Copper imitation needs to be first applied to the main color of copper, that is, the background color, such as red copper, with dark red or brown pigments to brush the background color. Only the color should not be too bright, it is better to use duplicate color, and do not mix too uniformly when harmonizing, so it will not appear rigid. Brass is also used as a base color with yellowish-brown pigments. Bronze changes a little more. Black or blue or black-green can be used as a base color as needed.

2. Copper rust

The color of copper rust is mostly pink-green or light blue. The relationship between cold and warm can be adjusted according to the need of background color. Copper rust mostly occurs in the place, can be used to dot the concave point with a small brush, can also be adjusted to the color of the sculpture on a good background, and then wipe off the copper rust at the high point with a cloth, the effect of this method is very natural, but also the most refreshing and finishing touch of the imitation copper effect.

3. Point highlight

After mixing wax or varnish with gold powder, gently sweep the highs with a large brush dipped in color, but not too much and too scattered to avoid changing flowers.

4. Protective colour

In order to protect the color film. Need to spray protective layer, a protective layer is divided into highlight and matte, the highlight can be brushed once with varnish, if matte, can be polished after a layer of car wax or floor wax.

5. Natural paint

If there are gold and bronze self-spraying paints, they can be sprayed directly into brass, or they can be thinly sprayed on a red or blue background, and then protected color.

Copper-like Fiberglass sculpture features:

1. Excellent arrangement effect of pearlescent powder, pearlescent slurry, copper and gold powder and silver powder; stable storage property;

2. Effectively improve the brightness and glossiness of pearlescent powder, pearlescent slurry, copper and gold powder, silver powder, easy to oil, good spraying;

3. Improving the covering power of metal pigments such as pearlescent powder, pearlescent paste, copper and gold powder, silver powder, etc.

4. Excellent re-coating and good high temperature baking resistance (no yellowing and no brittleness after baking at 230 C for 1 hour);

5. It has excellent alcohol resistance and impact resistance, and good interlayer adhesion with glossy finish.

6. good adhesion to all kinds of hardware, metal plastic foundation and glass substrate: excellent weatherability.

7. Excellent weather resistance and yellowing resistance. It is completely free of halogen and heavy metals and meets the latest environmental protection requirements of EU.