Christmas Decoration

The Christmas Day is approaching! More and more clients ask about the christmas decorations.

What fiberglass decorations do we have for the Christmas Day?

1. Santa statues


Santa Claus Statue

Size:3m in height

Color: red, white, goldern

A trumpet and a lucky bag on his hands

2.Snowman statues

Snowman statue

Snowman statue

Size: 1.8m in height

Color:white, red,black and grown

A hat, scarf and 2 branches to decorate it.

3. Santa Sleigh

Santa Sleigh

Santa Sleigh

Size: 130*140*300cm

Color: red and goldern

It can be sitted by 4 person and take photos

4. Reindeer statues

Reindeer statues

Reindeer statues

Size: 2m in height

Color: brown and black

Colar cover its body as its hairs.

5. The Nutcracker statues

The Nutcracker statues

The Nutcracker statues

Size: 2.4m in height

Color: red, blue and golden

Soigne nutcrackers will be attractive on this holiday.

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