(1) Good reduction. Fiberglass should expand when it becomes solid, and it can fill the tiny details of the model and make the decoration clear. The strong stereoscopic effect can restore the original well.

(2) Artwork cast with a Fiberglass shell, the surface finish is good. This is determined by the fineness of the Fiberglass itself.

(3) Fine and thin pieces of art can be cast. Fiberglass has a low thermal conductivity, and the cooling time is 3 to 6 times longer than that of the sand type, and a casing having a wall thickness of 0.6 mm can be cast.

(4) Easy to operate and easy to master.

(5) The production cycle is short.

(6) It is easy to clean the surface of the casting, especially for complicated shapes, and it is not easy to damage the surface during cleaning. Fiberglass molds are widely used in the casting of art at home and abroad. In China, glass-steel castings have been used to successfully cast multiple six-piece city sculptures. The urban sculptures above Sm are integrally cast with Fiberglass casting, which greatly shortens the production cycle. The three characters are closer to the original, which reduces the difficulty of welding and polishing in the later stage.

Characteristics of Fiberglass sculpture

Characteristics of Fiberglass sculpture

Fiberglass cast material The volume shrinkage of pure Fiberglass heating is about 1.5% to 2.5%. At the same time, the thermal conductivity is low, so it is easy to produce three cracks when dry, and can not be directly used as casting. Refractory materials must be added to reduce and compensate the volume change of heated Fiberglass: the quality fraction of Fiberglass in the mixed material of Fiberglass casting Generally, it is 27% N37%, and the materials usually used for mixing are silicon trisodium powder, aluminum silicate powder (sand) and the like.

Fiberglass is an ordinary Fiberglass for molding; other additional materials, such as sand, can be various types of sand, and the clean sand on the beach can also be used directly; silica powder can be purchased at chemical stores.

Some foreign sculptors have tried to mix the ceramsite (that is, to crush the fired ceramic slab, or to grind the fired hull of the 1st) into a new glass-reinforced plastic slurry for casting.

In general, the ratio of Fiberglass to sandstone is one part water, one piece of Fiberglass, two parts of silica powder. The amount of water used per time should be very precise. It is best to use some fixed containers and label them so that they do not mess when mixed.

Fiberglass is relatively easy to process, no special equipment is needed, just a knife and a piece of paper or wood chips, plus some soapy water as a release agent. In order to master and use Fiberglass, you must first understand its properties.

Fiberglass powder, chemically called hemihydrate gypsum or burnt glass-reinforced plastic (2caso4·h2o), is formed by the loss of 3/4 of the crystal water contained in the naturally-existing Fiberglass mine caso4·2h2o heated to 150°C-170… Once the burnt glass fiber is mixed with water to form a paste, it is quickly solidified and becomes casso4·2h2o again.

We use the Fiberglass to convert the flowing liquid into the solidity of the solid, making molds and firing the work. The entire reaction process takes about fifteen minutes and some heat is generated. The ratio of Fiberglass powder to water is about 2:3. The moisture is too much, and the fastness after solidification is poor. If the strength is required, the Fiberglass powder is placed more.

Since the Fiberglass that has been condensed into a solid can no longer be used, the Fiberglass is solidified by the liquid and has a time limit. Therefore, when the Fiberglass is mixed, the action from the start to the firing must be rapid, and the Fiberglass must be estimated in advance. The amount of use, how much to mix.

Fiberglass powder and Fiberglass products have a common feature – extremely strong water absorption. The ceramics factory used this feature to create and invent a green body by grouting. But this is also a disadvantage of Fiberglass powder. The storage time should not be too long because there is more or less moisture in the air, especially in the rainy days and yellow plum season, the moisture in the Fiberglass powder will increase, and its quality will be poor.

This will reduce its fastness after solidification, speed up the time it condenses, and become a hard block in less than a few minutes. After that, the Fiberglass will not condense at all.

The above is about the introduction of Fiberglass sculpture production. The Fiberglass sculpture looks very beautiful. The sculpture is also very simple to make. But the long-term inhalation of dust is harmful to the body. Therefore, for the family to be more, please be sure to wear a mask when making the Fiberglass sculpture. And protective measures.