The Fiberglass cartoon image is an act of shaping characters, animals, and other objects by using exaggeration, deformation, and other methods. It has the characteristics of spatial, ornamental and tangible artistic characters.

1. Affinity and fun, which cannot be achieved by general graphic signs;

2. The Fiberglass cartoon sculpture is clear and concrete, more intuitive, making it more recognizable than ordinary images, more individual and attractive;

3. The glass steel cartoon sculpture is very easy to break through language barriers and cultural barriers, is easy to remember and extend, and stimulates more potential value of the brand, even more vigorous than the brand itself! A brand is a name, term, logo, symbol, design, or combination of a product or service that distinguishes it from other competitors’ products or services.

4. As a corporate brand image, Fiberglass cartoon sculpture usually plays the roles of corporate logo design, brand mascot, brand advertising endorsement, etc.

Characteristics of Fiberglass cartoon image

Characteristics of Fiberglass cartoon image

5. The artistry and appeal of Fiberglass cartoon sculptures can allow customers to experience a beautiful emotional expression and the spread of corporate brands;

6. The glass steel cartoon sculpture makes consumers feel comfortable when watching, and also helps people reduce their internal stress;

6. The Tong image is different from the general image logo. It is memorable and can still maintain the transmission and vitality after a long time washing. This is the influence of the cartoon image. No matter what you are, only you are in contact. It, it can give you a wonderful memory;

7. From the perspective of business, the cost of Fiberglass cartoon sculpture is cheap. Compared with the high endorsement costs of stars, it has inherent advantages. Except, the industrial chain effect produced by cartoon images is unmatched by ordinary logos. .

8. Perfect grafting of Fiberglass cartoon sculptures and corporate brands will not only increase the charm of the enterprise, but also greatly enrich the spirit of corporate culture. This is one of the very wise strategies in brand building, such as the theme of Shanghai Disney Theme Park. Built.

Through the introduction above, I learned that the design of Fiberglass cartoon sculptures plays an important role in the construction of a corporate brand. For example, the cartoon image design of Haier Group has won the favor of consumers. The company represented by Lingzhi Animation is committed to the creation of cartoons and comics, and has provided cartoons and graphic design works for many enterprises, which have been unanimously appreciated by customers.