Stone carving has a long history in China. Most of the tomb sculptures of Huo’s disease are stone sculptures. Stone sculptures are diverse in variety, and different stone types have different effects.

Large sculptures, such as urban sculptures and iconic sculptures, will choose stone sculptures, which are cost-effective sculpture materials.

Stone carving materials are divided into sandstone sculpture, cement sculpture, marble sculpture, white marble sculpture, granite sculpture and so on.

The stone carvings are not only majestic, but the hard materials have already made the sculpture stand for thousands of years.

The stone carving design methods are various and can be divided into relief, round carving, sinking, shadow carving, carving, and openwork.

Characteristics and classification of stone sculpture

Characteristics and classification of stone sculpture

1, relief. That is, a three-dimensional sculpture is engraved on the surface of the stone. The image is called relief because the image is embossed on the stone surface. According to the difference in the depth of the stone surface, it is divided into a bas-relief and high relief. The bas-relief is a single-level statue with a single content and no hollowing out. The high relief is a multi-level statue, the content is more complicated, and the openwork is more hollow, which is more fascinating. The embossing is mostly used for the wall decoration of the building, as well as the dragon pillars and drums of the temple. The Imperial Road of the Forbidden City in Beijing is a relief.

2, round sculpture. It is a three-dimensional pseudo-modeled artwork that exists in a single body. Stones are required to be processed on each side. The craftsmanship is characterized by hollowing techniques and fine axes. There are many kinds of such sculptures, most of which are made of single stone sculptures and also composed of multiple stone materials. These sculptures have developed many micro-products, some of which are small like a core, and some areas thin as a flap. It is a skillful work, known as “micro-carving.” These products have completely become a pure handicraft from the practical use of the building. Because of its compact size and portability, it is a commemorative treasure with a bright future.

3. Shen carving. Also known as the “line carving”, that is, the art of “water grinding and sinking” carving. This kind of carving method absorbs the traditional brushstrokes such as Chinese painting and meaning, overlap, and line shape scatter perspective. After the stone is processed and polished by the plane, the pattern text is traced, and then the lines are engraved according to the figure, and the depth of the line is used to reflect the three-dimensional sense. Most of these products are used for the exterior wall decoration of buildings and are highly artistic.