Colourful camel statue walking in the desert

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Colourful camel statue walking in the desert This is our custom-made color camel statue for Saudi Arabia customers. According to customers preferences, we only made many kinds of statues in different colors. In each color, interesting patterns are incorporated. Make the statue look more distinctive. camel statue At the same time, we make the camel statue according [...]

A Brief Talk on the Beauty of the Art Production of Ancient Sculpture Fiberglass

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Since the Han Dynasty, Chinese ancient steles have been carved with various patterns. The Ruiqin stele in the Song Tomb is one of the best. In the middle of the stone surface, there are vigorous and agile divine birds carved, standing tall in the clouds and mists of high mountains, flying in the air or spreading their wings, with different [...]

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On the Cultural Characteristics of Fiberglass Sculpture

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The lines of GRP stone carving are flying and flowing, and various line carving techniques such as Yin carving, Yang carving, and combination of Yin carving and Yang carving have been developed. The expressive force of lines has been fully exerted here. Lines play an important role in sculpture. In the space inspiration which is not rigid in the form [...]

A Brief Talk on the Production Procedure of Fiberglass Sculpture

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Material selection is an important link in the process of stone carving. Stone quality, hard and soft, dense and texture will directly affect the success of the work. vast tracts of wasteland Also known as "fighting waste" and "stripping waste", is to fight waste materials, determine the statue's large size and dynamics. Two famine The second wasteland is a further [...]

Development of Fiberglass Sculpture in European Gardens

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With the passage of time, the gardens of different European countries have formed their own characteristics: the orderly gardening style of France and Italy; the fine printmaking gardens with lines in Germany; the natural gardens with scenery in Britain; and the curves, freedoms and gorgeous styles of Spanish gardens, which are very popular in modern real estate. 。 Of course, [...]

Fiberglass Products White Stormtroopers in the USA

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In many sci-fi blockbusters, we can see some high-tech robots and even transformers. The most common ones are some white stormtroopers. They look cool too. In the United States, one of our old customers needs some Fiberglass white Stormtrooper products in a mall project. The customers have already designed everything. So after one month, our craft designer successfully completed a [...]

Fiberglass Figures in India

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Egyptian statues have always been the pride of Egyptians and a part of Egyptian culture. Many Egyptians want to make such statues in theme parks. So our Egyptian customers found us through Google and were interested in our Fiberglass products. So they made them in our company. Consider the idea of an Egyptian statue. Fiberglass Figures in India [...]

Fiberglass Products: KAWS

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In September 2019, with the National Day approaching, our Indian customers are preparing a theme park project. After a long period of planning and consultation with our company, we have designed and manufactured a static sculpture product of Fiberglass material as the landscape building of the theme park and customized several glasses in our company. Glass products, its name is [...]

Why not use fiberglass

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fiberglass Material 1. Stainless steel material has the characteristics of resistance to weak corrosion media such as air, steam, water and chemical corrosion media such as acid, alkali, and salt. Because stainless steel sculpture has many advantages, many city sculptures are made of stainless steel material. 2. The stainless steel sculpture is easy to maintain. Stainless steel sculpture material is [...]

‘Phoenix from the fire’ is getting for shipping.

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‘Phoenix from the fire’ is getting for shipping. According to the client’s picture, we created three-dimensional model by foam, and the client can clearly see each angle of the mascot that owns a beautiful name --- ’Phoenix from the fire’. We proceed the final fiberglass statue after client’s confirmation to ensure the statue would be the one they want. [...]