Whether the bronze sculpture or the Fiberglass sculpture needs to be sealed and preserved at the completion, the cast bronze sculpture can be placed for a longer period of time, which can increase the effect. Therefore, the method of maintaining the bronze sculpture and the Fiberglass sculpture is very important.

Derusting and antiseptic process in the production of cast bronze sculpture:

First, the initial grinding: using the metallographic grinding sand for the initial grinding; fine polishing: the upper polishing paste, can also be put on the cloth wheel with a polishing paste.

Cast copper sculpture and maintenance method of Fiberglass sculpture

Cast copper sculpture and maintenance method of Fiberglass sculpture

Second, the cover light treatment (to make the surface closed and bright effect)


1, first use seedless cotton dipped in acetone, cleaning polishing paste and debris;

2, then wipe with a white cotton cloth and acetone until the white cloth has no black marks;

3, heating method to get rid of water molecules, carbon molecules;

4, spray the paint and dry it;

5. Perform the second re-spray.

Third, the choice of acrylic baking paint (high-class car drying varnish B01-30 baking paint)

Features: (1) Good cleanness, high hardness, good gloss and color retention;

(2) Good weather resistance and stain resistance;

(3) Good heat resistance, water-resistance and mildew resistance, and good adhesion. It is also possible to spray or spray silane-based materials with fluorocarbon paint.

After completion, you need to pay attention to the following maintenance:

1. If the sculptures on the shelves are placed indoors, the houses with cast bronze sculptures must be kept dry and free of dust and air pollutants. The temperature is between 18 ° C and 24 ° C and the relative humidity is between 40% and 50%.

2, must be prevented from contact with the harmful chemical substances produced by the cast bronze sculpture, such as acids, grease, chloride and so on. Be sure to wear cotton gloves when moving the bronze sculpture. Do not touch it directly with your hands to avoid being corroded by the sweat on your hands.

3. Dust on cast bronze sculptures should be cleaned with a clean and soft cloth, and those that require special care (easy to break, fragile) should be brushed with a soft brush or vacuumed or Blow off the dust.

4, must prevent the cast bronze sculpture from mechanical damage, should not collide with each other, do not stack the code, for the fine workmanship and easy to damage the cast bronze sculpture, more careful maintenance.

5. After the cast bronze sculpture is placed for too long, there will be some dull phenomenon depending on the environment in which it is placed. At this time, it can be gently rubbed back and forth with a fine cotton cloth to achieve the polishing effect. Let the protective wax layer on the surface regain its radiance.