Whether it is a cartoon octopus fiberglass sculpture or a small fiberglass sculpture handicraft, or a large fiberglass sculpture surface treatment is very important, it is related to the adhesion and life of the coating, directly affecting the quality of spraying engineering.

Therefore, in order to ensure the durability of such coatings as cartoon octopus fiberglass sculpture, meet the requirements of use, and give full play to the protection and decoration of the coatings, in addition to the quality of the coatings themselves, the pretreatment of the coated metal and non-metal surfaces is very important and must be paid enough attention.

Cartoon octopus fiberglass sculpture process

Cartoon octopus fiberglass sculpture process

Before painting, the pretreatment of the surface of the coated fiberglass sculpture aims at eliminating the impurities such as dust, oil, water, rust, scaly oxide layer and old paint layer which affect the adhesion between the coating film and the coated surface, exposing the basic color of the surface, and making the coating and the base metal bond well.

Micro batteries formed by the presence of water vapor on the surface of steel and other materials are the main causes of corrosion. The large specific volume of rust exists between the coated film and the surface of the coated fiberglass sculpture, which will lead to the decrease of water-resistance of the coated film, promote its surface corrosion, clean surface treatment, remove rust, improve its water resistance and prolong the service life of the coated fiberglass sculpture.

Another purpose of surface treatment of cartoon octopus fiberglass sculpture is to obtain a smooth surface and a certain degree of roughness, so as to make the film smooth, beautiful and generous. To prevent defects such as poor drying, foaming, cracking and peeling of fiberglass sculpture coating.

There are many methods to pretreat the surface of cartoon octopus fiberglass sculpture, which should be decided according to the specific conditions such as the use, requirements, construction methods and coating varieties of fiberglass sculpture. For example, ordinary truck, car and high-grade car, because the required coating quality, coating varieties and construction methods are different, the same is true for surface treatment methods such as starting fiberglass sculpture. Therefore, the surface treatment methods are different.

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