Cartoon Figure Fiberglass Sculpture Making Steps

Step 1: Conception and Design

The sculpture can not be produced without the designer’s advance conception. The designer will first sketch the inspiration in his brain and then use the computer design software to draw and beautify it.

Step 2: Sculpture Model

clay chef statue

The sculptor carves the model with reference paper, takes the designer to appraise it in the fastest time, and then takes it back to the factory to pour out the template by casting method and make it in batches. This is the most demanding process in fiberglass statue production. The finished product must be clean and seamless, and the reasonable structure of each part can guarantee the final product’s quality.

Step 3: Injection of fiberglass

After the model is built, the injection of fiberglass should be kept between the natural temperature, and the FRP should be slowly injected into the film and cooled out. After vacuuming, the model will be prevented from solidifying for 6-12 hours naturally.

Step 4: Bake FRP

The function of baking the mould is to quickly demould, dry and heat preservation by casting. In winter, it needs to be done in a factory room with a higher temperature. FRP must be completely dry before the next operation, otherwise cracks and cracks will easily appear.

Step 5: Grinding FRP

chef statue

After all the steps are completed, it is the final polishing procedure. This step must be carefully and patiently operated by workers. When the shape and proportion of cartoon are all in line with the drawings, it will be completed.

Every FRP sculpture is the designer’s effort, whether in public places or private estates, please take care of the sculpture and do not intentionally destroy it.

chef statue