Resin can not only make sculptures, but also the most plastic material among sculpture materials. It can even meet any requirements of sculpture.
So resin is an important material for sculpture crafts.

Resin is a kind of industrial material that should be very extensive. It has its presence in many fields and there are many types, such as epoxy resin, natural resin, and so on.

Resin sculptures are sculptures made of resin materials. It is a sculpture named after the material classification. Among them, the small pieces are generally called resin crafts.

Although it is named after the material, there is also a craft behind its name, so I won’t go into detail here.

Of course, like resin sculptures, the names of sculptures named after the material category include glass steel sculpture, stainless steel sculpture, cement sculpture, wood sculpture and so on. Although the materials are different, as a carrier of art, the sense of art has never been reduced. They have all become popular sculptures.

Can resin sculpture be made

Can resin sculpture be made

There are various forms of resin sculptures and crafts. For example, applying resin after painting can even make paintings have a strong three-dimensional effect.

Resin can be cast into the desired sculpture using casting methods.

Resin can also be mixed with stone powder to make artificial stone sculptures.

Resin can use the post-spraying process to imitate the effects of cast copper, wrought copper, stainless steel, stone, wood, and other materials.

The biggest advantage of resin is that it is cheap, so it has become the new darling of some fast sculptures, such as shopping mall beauty, stereo advertising, etc. (With the competition in the print advertising industry becoming more and more fierce, it is best to use sculpture to show products The way)