Today I will bring you a bronze child sculpture of a child sitting on a lotus flower. The child sits on a lotus flower and looks up. It is beautiful and full of Zen. This is also the artist’s interpretation of beauty.

This bronze child sculpture is made of bronze. Bronze is the earliest alloy in the history of metal smelting. Adding tin or lead alloy to pure copper (purple copper) has special importance and historical significance. Compared with pure copper (copper), Bronze has high strength and low melting point (25% of tin smelted bronze will lower its melting point to 800 ° C. The melting point of pure copper (copper) is 1083 ° C). Bronze has good castability, wear resistance and stable chemical properties.

Bronze child sculpture appreciation

Bronze child sculpture appreciation

Bronze is also the material of choice for contemporary sculpture, because bronze has a thick metallic texture, which can be used to express sculpture creativity very well.

This bronze child sculpture uses copper material to fully express the child’s delicate skin.

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