The design elements of the baboon fiberglass sculpture are derived from the baboon. The baboon (scientific name: Papio): a genus of the primate subgenus Nymphaeidae, which is commonly known as baboon. There are five species: Arabian baboon, Guinea baboon, East African baboon, steppe baboon, and guinea baboon. Larger, second only to orangutans in primates.

The baboon Fiberglass sculpture uses high-quality Fiberglass material, combining painting and lacquering.

Baboon Fiberglass sculptures The ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs called the baboons the son of the sun god, because every morning the baboons greeted the sun for the first time and were very religious.

Baboon Fiberglass Sculpture Introduction

Baboon Fiberglass Sculpture Introduction

The glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture of the baboon was produced in the Arabian Baboon. It was once regarded as a “sacred monkey” in ancient times. It was regarded as the representative or attendant of the literary god “Zos”. It is carved on the stone pillar of the temple. Now it is One of the precious ornamental animals in zoos around the world.

The domesticated Arabian baboon can be a home helper, coax children and gather fresh fruits. It is also a good helper for the local shepherd, and can do his best to serve the host. It will also count the number of sheep. If you find that there are a few sheep in the sheep pen, you must try to summon the lambs who can’t get home because they are lost, and get the owner’s reward.