Animal Garden Statues

Animals are part of our world. With the passage of time, from ancient times to now, stories and experiences about animals have different psychological feelings in people’s hearts.
The first is the psychological effects of animals themselves. For example, lions, people think of lions first of all is beasts, ferocious!

Therefore, lion sculpture in public places such as parks and gardens is rarely used, timely use, but also to show the lion’s gentle, lovely side.

cartoon lion statueThis is the first problem that animal sculpture must pay attention to in environmental applications: the psychological effects of animals themselves.
Then there are some images associated with various special effects of animals.

Still talking about lions. Some friends think of strength, speed, power and so on when they see lions. Therefore, lion sculpture also contains strong, power and other charm, so the use of lion sculpture is very extensive, such as ancient Yamen in China(buildings of governments), modern society, luxury houses and so on. This is the second issue we need to pay attention to: the potential meaning of animal sculpture.

fiberglass lion statue

The other is the special meaning given by cultural tradition and other factors. Or lion sculpture, in China’s cultural tradition, lions can avoid evil and act as gods. Therefore, we need to consider third factors: the specific meaning of animal sculpture.

outdoor animal statue
To sum up, animal sculpture is not easy to use. We need to combine the environment and the psychological effects of users. For example, in the parks where children play, we should install animal sculptures of monkeys, horses, sheep, deer, rabbits and so on; install lion sculptures at the gates of government units, use dragon sculptures in temples, and so on.