Bring the world a brand new ‘made in China’

Cartue Mission

Cartue is a fiberglass statue brand in China, and “Bring the world a brand new ‘made in China’” is our mission to build this brand.

The brand is affiliated to a company with more than 15 years of experience in the design and production of fiberglass statues. The company currently has more than 60 employees, including a professional product design team, a sales team with excellent service, and a production team with rich experience.

  • snowman garden statue
  • skate training aid polar bear
  • christmas nutcracker statue
  • camel statue
  • outdoor cow statue
  • ladybug statue for sale
  • big lobster statue for sale
  • leopard sculpture

What Cartue Can Produce?

  • Life-size Animal Statues

  • Garden Statues Decoration

  • Halloween-related & Christmas-related Statue

  • Figure Statues

  • Windows Display Statues

  • Shopping Mall Decoration Statues

In addition, Cartue can meet the customization needs of customers. Whether the customer wants to add an animal statue ornament to the house, or the customer’s shopping mall activities, art projects, we all can communicate with customers to help customers fulfill their wishes.

statue design

Statue Design

Professional product design and turns the customer’s ideas into reality. Discuss the details of the product with the customer.

Experienced Production Team

Make the statue carefully, and take the details of the product seriously. Make sure the statues produced are customer-satisfied.

Excellent Sales Team

Whether it is from the customer’s requirements for product production or after-sales service, we treat customers with sincerity.

What can Cartue do for customers?

The Cartue brand is committed to providing customers with high-quality fiberglass statues, and providing customers with a full range of quality services.

Combining the customer’s budget with the customer’s requirements for the product, we provide the most suitable product design for the customer.

In the process of making products, we will strictly follow the previously determined product design to produce products, and provide customers with the latest product production information to ensure that the product is customer satisfaction.

After the product is delivered to the customer, we also provide a one-year warranty for the product and provide technical support for the customer for a long time.

What Our Customer Says?


The sausage statue actually made by the Cartue. So when we first decide to make our simple, we are searching for the best partner.  The Cartue is our best partner. They’re very kind and pay a lot of attention. They really work hard and make the best symbol for me, for us.

Mansik, Korea