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Fiberglass animal sculpture is the beauty of the mall, sculpture exhibition, the most cost-effective sculpture material, glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture is to use this cost-effective material to shape animals.

Fiberglass, also known as fiberglass, is a fiber-reinforced plastic, generally referred to as glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy resin, and phenolic resin matrix.

Reinforced plastics made of glass fiber or its products as reinforcing materials, called glass fiber reinforced plastics, or glass reinforced plastics, are different from tempered glass.

A detailed explanation of fiberglass animal sculpture

A detailed explanation of fiberglass animal sculpture

The animal sculpture is a part of our world. As time goes by, the stories and experiences of animal sculptures from ancient times to the present, various animal sculptures have completely different psychological feelings in people’s hearts.

Fiberglass animal sculptures are not free to use, we need to deal with the environment, combined with the various psychological effects of the user.

For example, in a park where children play, install glass sculptures of monkeys, horses, sheep, deer, rabbits, etc.; install lion sculptures at the gates of government units.

Fiberglass animal sculpture is also one of the sculptures. The Fiberglass animal sculpture is also light in weight, corrosion resistant and relatively low in cost.

The use of Fiberglass for the sculpture of animals is based on synthetic resin as a matrix material and is enhanced with glass fiber and other products.