Material selection is an important link in the process of stone carving. Stone quality, hard and soft, dense and texture will directly affect the success of the work.

vast tracts of wasteland

Also known as “fighting waste” and “stripping waste”, is to fight waste materials, determine the statue’s large size and dynamics.

Two famine

The second wasteland is a further process of sculpture, requiring clear details of the image and posture of the statue. At this stage, attention should be paid to observing whether the relationship between the body is accurate and coordinated, and the connection of various parts of the statue, in order to achieve the perfection of the local shape and the whole.

A Brief Talk on the Production Procedure of Fiberglass Sculpture

A Brief Talk on the Production Procedure of Fiberglass Sculpture


Fineness, also known as “knife worker”, is a detailed description of each part of the statue. Fine links should be smooth lines, sharp edges and corners, large flat surface, sharp roots and feet, no knife and chisel marks; artists are required to turn wrists flexible, light and orderly, but also according to the degree of soft and hard stone, soft and brittle moderate strength.


Polishing or polishing is the last process of stone carving. In this stage, artists can control the position and degree of grinding according to the artistic effect. They can grind both in body and in part so that the sculptures can produce different artistic effects of delicacy and roughness.